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Objective and Introduction

Wastewater System aims to describe the technologies, plant designs and treatment options available including all aspects related to engineering. Other than that, its main purpose is also to help students improve the basic fundamental understanding, both principle and theory of all the unit operations and processes. The site here also touches on topic related to regulatory controls, health and environmental impacts and hopefully with more knowledge, this will lead to higher degree of awareness on the importance of proper waste management.


While attention has been given to provide the most accurate guide, there are times that conditions may vary and presence of external factors can cause different results. Please note that, I disclaim responsibility for any damage or losses that may occur as a result of use of information stated on Visitor are advised to use their own judgement when following the guide.

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WasteWater System at serves to protect the privacy of every visitors visiting the site. We understand that maintaining this is of extreme importance and thus this page here is meant to address this issue and to inform visitors of the information collected during their visits here.

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