Chemical Additives for DAF Systems

Physical separation of solid waste particles in DAF systems is usually facilitated by addition of chemical additives. These chemicals which can be either polymer or coagulant (or both) will be mixed at certain concentrations to the wastewater in the flotation tank in order to ensure that a better separation and removal of solid waste can take place.

Basically what happens is that the chemicals will act as binding agent to facilitate interaction between air and liquid interface and thus, ensure that the waste adhere to the bubbles much better. Of course, this will result in higher percentage of removal of waste from the water with significant reduction in BOD level. Certain inorganic chemicals such as ferric salts and aluminum can also function to become a building block whereby it will help to entrap air bubbles in it.

Today, there are various types of commercially developed additives to serve specific needs in different DAF systems in waste water treatment plants. Check with your local supplier and agents to find out which is best suited for your requirements.

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